Bacchus SME


Project Summary

BACCHUS SME is a European project which is part of the ERASMUS + programme for education and vocational training. The project proposes providing tourism and wine-growing professionals with more in-depth skills about oenotourism: the quality of welcoming tourists, the link between wine-making and regional attractiveness for tourists, diversifying tourism opportunities in wine-growing areas, developing holidays all about oenotourism, etc. and many other training course topics that will be passed on to wine and tourism SMEs that want to improve their positioning within this rapidly growing tourism sector at the European level.

The project took place between September 2016 and December 2018.


Planned operations

  • Analysing organisation management (wine and tourism companies) and support to evolve positioning on the oenotourism market
  • Analysing trends and needs of the wine and tourism sector in Europe with regard to the development of oenotourism
  • Creating content for B-Learning training courses (e-learning + face-to-face) to encourage European companies to undertake high-quality approaches in oenotourism
  • Implementing a resource platform to promote training content: entrepreneurs who wish to do so will be able to access training content on their own or as part of training courses supported by partners
  • Promoting and disseminating results



About this project :

Flyer download : BACCHUS_FlyerA4-FR

This project is funded with the support of the European Commission as part of the ERASMUS + programme
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