Rural enterprise


The cooperative support of innovative rural enterprise project in the PACA region answers the need to consolidate and sustain new projects to set up businesses in rural areas which are geared toward developing or emerging fields of activity in the rural territories of the PACA region. With the support of the European Social Fund, Petra Patrionia is increasing its presence and working more with entrepreneurial project leaders in rural areas, particularly in developing sectors such as sustainable agriculture, green tourism, renewable energy, eco-construction, etc.

Project duration: 2 years – from 01/07/2019 to 30/06/2021.



  • Increasing presence in the field and anchoring the cooperative into rural areas by working with local partners (job banks, local authorities, etc.) so that they can be found more easily by potential project leaders
  • Developing support services for entrepreneurial project leaders taking into account the specific needs related to entrepreneurial projects geared toward green growth and sustainable development in rural areas (training, monitoring tools, mentoring, networking initiatives and technical support, etc.)
  • Fostering the support of projects that are anchored in their territory and strengthening the economic viability of business projects by inserting them into a genuine local development dynamic in connection with local stakeholders (municipality communities, natural parks, development agencies, etc.).


Petra Patrionia aims to support 70 new business projects during its implementation period.



Planned operations

  • Participating in committee rooms and awareness meetings in rural areas
  • Strengthening links with regional job banks (employment centres, APECs, consular chambers, etc.)
  • Developing pre-support schemes to identify the viability of entrepreneurial projects and come up with support pathways
  • Developing support pathways, particularly under the CAPE with 70 potential project leaders
  • Monitoring sustainable development in rural areas in connection with professional regional operators (professional stakeholders in agriculture, construction, energy, etc.)
  • Developing a catalogue of training/awareness sessions geared towards developing sectors: sustainable and proximity agriculture, eco-construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy, etc.
  • Developing regional partnerships with local stakeholders


This project is funded with the support of the European Social Fund.