The aim of the WinEra project is to improve the competitiveness of European wine estates by developing their potential to produce and promote organic and biodynamic wines



« WinEra – encouraging European wine production with a new training approach dedicated to organic and biodynamic wine producers in the European Union » aims to enhance training for European winemakers and future winemakers for organic and biodynamic production to encourage best practices, organic labelling and develop high-quality and ecological European viticulture. WinEra is supported by the Erasmus+ programme as part of the « Strategic Partnerships in Vocational Education ».


Target audiences

  •    Conventional winemakers interested in switching to organic farming and biodynamics
  •    Future winemakers who want to start producing organic wine
  •    Local agricultural cooperatives and professional associations
  •    Viticulture and oenology consulting firms
  •    Environmental NGOs
  •    Educational institutions and training centres





The WinEra training course programme

The programme includes applied teaching methods for the training course and a manual for trainers.


The WinEra training course content

A complete training course on organic and biodynamic wine production techniques including every step of production and marketing which also focuses on the relationship between wine growing and the local area (environmental impact, heritage, oenotourism, etc.).


   The WinEra training manual

A manual for trainers and training organisations that will be giving the WinEra training courses.


   The WinEra online training platform

The e-learning platform that will host the training content. The platform must be open for students to access so they can either learn by themselves or with the support of trainers.


   The WinEra practical guide on organic certification and biodynamics

This guide will contain information about the methods and procedures for certifying organic or biodynamic wine in order to facilitate the certification process.



About the project :  @WinEraProject



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This project is funded with the support of the European Commission as part of the ERASMUS + programme
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