Promoting youth participation in local communities

The aim of YOUC is to promote civic participation of young people by involving intermediary stakeholders such as youth associations in order to lead to better inclusion. The aim is to enhance the skills of young people and youth workers in managing civic participation projects for young people in vulnerable situations in order to make them more self reliant, take more initiative, be more included in society and have more self-confidence. The project is being funded by the Erasmus + programme from February 2019 to May 2021.  The YOUC project is based on the finding that not enough young people and, a fortiori, young people in vulnerable situations participate in society, whether it is for elections or general daily goings on in their local area. As such, YOUC provides educational resources for young people:


  1. Methodology and tools to promote local civic participation and citizenship for young people (reference guide explaining how to manage projects aimed at involving young people by identifying and solving the problems of local communities);
  2. an online training course for young people to acquire skills to perform change-oriented projects in local communities using informal methods;
  3. an online training platform These educational materials can also be used by young leaders or youth workers to develop activities with youth groups.


 About this project :



  • CDE Petra Patrimonia (chef de file) – France –
  • Magenta Consultoria – Conseil genre et médiation sociale et interculturelle – Espagne :
  • Viva Femina – Fondation – Pologne :
  • Sociālās inovācijas centrs – Centre d’innovation sociale – Lettonie :




This project is funded with the support of the European Commission as part of the ERASMUS + programme
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